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The two brands I represened before ending my agency where pinqponq and packmack. I might start again building the agency, so if you have a interesting brand and looking for an agent or distribitor, let me know!

pinqponq is a fresh brand bringing high quality backpacks and accessories to you. Since 2014 we offer intelligent products that combine design, function and sustainability in a unique way. pinqponq represents a new generation of lifestyle products highlighting strong mixes of materials, original patterns and an unmatched attention to detail. pinqponq products feature a strong reference to fashion. We are inspired by modern visual concepts that we translate into our stylistic, globally understood language. pinqponq is for smart, fashion conscious world citizens who want to express a creative mindset and support thoughtful goods. Could this be you?

packmack was an idea conceived in Denmark born on the streets of Amsterdam. Packmack is a mix of innovation and simple design ideas. Packmack spirit is fun, honest and for people who just get on with life. Packmack is for all of us that are always on the move. PackMack product combines the best performing materials and the best fits. PackMack’s parachute logo? What else packs down like a parachute and sets your mind thinking about the adventures ahead?


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Founded in July 2016, aiming to be the best link in the chain between brand and retailer. With over 20 years experience in the industry, my goal is to build brands. Service, reliability combined with giving stores and brands all the attention they need, should get this job done. The basic principle of the company: ‘Let's work, be proud!’


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